Photo by Dr. Marc S. Gottlieb


The links on this page provide access to four versions of a podcast interview conducted by David B. Miller, Professor of Psychology at the University of Connecticut, with his former postdoctoral mentor (1973-1980), Gilbert Gottlieb, on June 10, 2006, about one month before Dr. Gottlieb's death on July 13, 2006. The interview was conducted at Dr. Gottlieb's home in Raleigh, NC. These files require QuickTime for Macintosh or Windows.

Version 1  .mp3 file (1 hr 16 min)
Version 2 .m4a file, enhanced podcast with chapter markers and graphics (1 hr 17 min)
Version 3 .mov file, same as m4a file, but in .mov format (1 hr 17 min)
 Version 4 .mov video version of the podcast recording session (1 hr 23 min)

Transcript of interview: PDF